An exciting new chapter: launching an investment fund

Fund Journey
September 4, 2023

This week marks a significant milestone in my career🚦

🚨 UPDATE: I am launching an investment fund backing high-potential tech companies across Europe and the US.

Over the past 9+ years, I've helped small and medium-sized businesses transform their commercial operations and accelerate growth through sales & marketing systems. I’ve also served as Director of Marketing for 2 different fintech companies. I’ve learned a ton and grown significantly as a leader and professional, and I'm excited to use this experience in a new role as a buy-side investor.

I’ve always been fascinated by M&A, value creation, and dealmaking. For years, I’ve spent nights and weekends studying how to prepare a company to be bought/sold, valuation models, due diligence best practices, legal structures for transactions, and value creation strategies. I’ve even had the chance to work on several live M&A transactions advising the businesses of friends and family.While I realize this isn’t a normal way to spend one's downtime 🤓, there is definitely a niche of people who understand precisely how I feel. And I’m excited to join a network of about 200 of them… 🚀

This week, I am starting the VC Lab fund accelerator program:

This is a program for new investment fund managers. Over the next 16 weeks, we will be working with seasoned professionals on the foundations of the fund — solidifying our investment thesis, approaching investors, raising capital, and closing the fund. It’s an honor to have been accepted to the program. I look forward to meeting and working with other emerging GPs.

Thank you to Adeo Ressi and team for the opportunity. And thanks to Angelo Carobbio for the intro to the program and the reference. And of course, my amazing wife Judith Cuña Moliner for her support. 😃

You’ll start to see me more active here as I document my journey and share what I’m learning!

Let's connect and embark on this exciting journey together 🌟

— Adam

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