Why Email Marketing Is Better Than Social Media Marketing

It’s 2020 and many companies, small businesses, and personal brands still aren’t using email as their primary marketing channel...

…even though almost all successful entrepreneurs like Ramit Sethi, Jeff Walker, and Bryan Harris say if they lost everything tomorrow and had to restart from scratch, the first thing would do to start growing a business would be build an email list.Regardless of the product you sell, the problem you solve, or the industry you are in, there is one thing most successful entrepreneurs can agree on is:The money is in the email list.However, inevitably, I always get the same questions from business leaders.I heard it yesterday, in fact:“Facebook is soooo hot right now. Can you help me build my audience there?"-or- “I need to be running more Instagram ads and stuff right?”These aren’t completely wrong. They see everyone and their mom running Facebook ads, so they assume it must be doing it too. After all, social media is a formidable marketing tool today.But My first question to them is "what processes do you have in place to drive people from those ads your email list?”Using Social media marketing before building an email list is like trying to spread the icing before you’ve started baking the cake.I’m going to tell you why that is…Here are 3 reasons you need to focus on building your email list as if your life depended upon it.

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Click here to access the FREE Video Course.[/caption]

Email outperforms every other online marketing channel. Period.

A Mckinsey study from 2014 revealed that for every dollar you spend on email marketing you get 40x more in return than if you invested that same dollar in Facebook, Instagram, and nearly every other marketing channel.Here are more astonishing fact about email from a recent Optin monster article:

  • 91% of people use email daily (Facebook 57%)
  • 77% preferred email (Facebook 4%)
  • 66% email users say they have made a purchase as a result of a marketing message through email (Facebook 20%)

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made (and many other entrepreneurs have done the same) is not starting my email list from the VERY BEGINNING. If you aren’t actively building your email list, people are interacting with your message and then never hearing from you again. Do NOT make this mistake.

Email can sell to 10 people or 10,000 - automatically

When you hand someone a flyer, print a brochure, or make a phone call. You create these messages, they are seen or heard once by an individual, and then “poof” - it’s gone forever.However, thanks to the power of email and marketing automation, you can write one great email and profit from it over and over again. When you put the scaling power of email to work, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business actively.With the click of a mouse, you can land behind the closed doors of everyone’s most personal channel of communication. Remember that 91% of people check their email daily.

You 100% own your email list

To all the Instafamous teenagers out there, I hope you have an insurance policy and a backup plan. It’s a huge risk to build your business on a platform that you don’t own. Facebook or Instagram can change their strategy or algorithm overnight and leave you completely in the cold. An entrepreneur I met recently told me for several years he was making $1,000+ per day from Facebook ads, but then they changed the platform and he had to start over from scratch. Even search engines can ruin your website’s reputation.But you own your email list, and no one can ever take that away from you. Building your audience through an email list is the safest and most “in control” you can build a business. It’s your insurance policy and your revenue machine all-in-one.

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  3. The exact email sequence to use when “onboarding” leads to build a strong relationship and turn them into faithful buyers.

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