5 Ways to Seize-the-Day When You're Enduring the Process

When you're in your 20's you hear a lot about "the process.”

Ugh. A.k.a. the reason you have to wait for what you want in life.Let’s face it, there are some things we aren’t ready for yet. No matter how smart we are, if we were given what we want - or think we deserve - right now, we would risk blowing it all.For that reason......the process. This is the time in life we get to suck it up. To bear down. To circle the wagons. To figure out how to learn, grow, and put our big kid pants on. If we submit to the process, i believe it can be a very beneficial season of life to prepare us for success with future careers, influence, relationships, and generally practical life-situations.Though this is no one's favorite time, here are 5 things you can do to make sure you are "seizing the day" even if it feels like your just lulling through the process.

1. Take care of your body

Not everyone should train for the crossfit games, but exercise is essential. Having a hobby that requires activity (tennis, cycling, pickup basketball) is good for your brain, your body, and (honestly) your sanity.Sleep is key, especially if you work long hours. Don’t stay up working all night. Get your 7 hours, and work hard with the time you have when your eyes are open.

Making compromises with what you eat gets increasingly more important as your metabolism slows down with age - i’m learning this the hard way. The longer you fend off the few extra pounds the better, because once you add them, it’s likely they may never come off again.

2. Invest in great relationships

Find people you trust and hold on to them.People who you can gossip with and watch Netflix are nice. However, people who will challenge you, hold you accountable, watch your 6 if/when the heat comes are where it really counts. It’s easier to settle for the convenient relationships, but it will pay dividends in the long run to press into people who have experience, knowledge, or are otherwise downright lovely to be around.

3. Work towards something

Setting and working toward an attainable goal can do wonders for your self-esteem.If you are doing, building, or creating something beneficial for you or someone else, then you are on the right track. Don’t be discouraged by small and slow starts. Hang in long enough to see the fruits of your labor come full circle.Also, it is important to choose your hobbies wisely. [Sorry bro, but i have to say it. Throw the Ps4 out the window. There's absolutely nothing you can do to waste more time than play World of Warcraft for 2 hrs (or more) every evening.]

Great hobbies will allow you to build a skill, make new friends, and have a lot of fun at the same time.

4. Save for a rainy day

In college, i gave some advice to a friend of mine about saving 20% of everything she made. I had no idea that she paid any attention to me (usually people don't). Turns out she did, and she was able to buy a car when she graduated from college. Cool, yeah?Even if you are only earning peanuts, putting some money aside every pay-period is great practice for when you start adding 0’s at the end of your checks.

Besides, something may come up. One day the pipes in the foundation are going to burst. Perhaps a tree will fall on your car (happened to my mom). Heaven forbid someone close to you passes away. But even if you don’t use these funds for emergencies, it sure would be nice to put a sizable down-payment on your first home, or (dudes) be able to put a ring on it.

5. Don’t let yourself waste time

Most importantly, don’t spend time sittin', waitin', wishin’ (like Jack Johnson). There are things that you’ve always wanted to do, so do them now. If you don't, you may risk never doing them.

One day you will wake up & there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.” Paulo Coelho

Get out of your comfort zone. Try new things and have some experiences.

These are the times in our lives we will be telling our grandchildren about…even after we have achieved everything we set out to in the first place. Though these times can seem dim, if we embrace the process in a healthy way, they can also end up being some of the sweetest times we’ll ever live.

And who knows...maybe your next big opportunity might present itself where you are right now!

Over to you! You have any ideas about how to make the most of your time enduring the process?

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