Why We Need a Cause to Fight For

My generation longs to fight for something. I think it’s one of the most amazing qualities of who we are.

a Cause to Fight For

CA-- USE (n): A principle, aim, or movement that, because of a deep commitment, one is prepared to defend or advocate"

There have been many impactful causes over the past few years that have caused a stir among the Y's. I love seeing people get involved with something that matters. In high school, it was the To Write Love On Her Arms movement that presented hope to those with addiction and depression. In college, the phenomenon was Invisible Children fighting Joseph Kony and the rebels who were abducting child soldiers.More recently, it's been sustainable initiatives like Pencils of Promise and Charity:Water that capture the attention of our generation.I understand, there is always controversy over certain social issues. You can say what you want about any "cause" out there, but I believe in this generation that wants to ACT, and i am a proud member of it. I think the future is a bright place because very soon our passion and desire to fight for a cause will unite with the resources and influence necessary to make an impact.I believe everyone should get involved with something. It doesn’t have to be an organizational or campaign, a cause can also be something you live in awareness of that motivates your actions and drives your decisions. Saying we support a cause is ok, but action is what demands change and allows growth in ourselves and our world.Here are a few reasons why our generation needs to ACT, and why everyone should have a cause to fight for:

Passion for a purpose

Life is incomplete without passion, authenticity and commitment. When you are passionate about something, it’s funny how a purpose and life direction seem to fall into place.Passion demands that we put our priorities, time, and money where our mouth is. And the purpose we find begins to creep into our work and routines, moves us to take the focus off of ourselves, and molds our worldview in a truly beneficial way.

Community to belong to

No matter where you are there are places to get involved. These communities offer a special place to belong and call your own.Like-minded, purposeful individuals are drawn to one another. They connect naturally and form meaningful relationships.Some of the richest relationships that i’ve formed were found in a brotherhood, a united team, or participating in an organization that cared first about others. Families can be found in these places where you share deep convictions, creating pride and loyalty that unites lives.

Significance for your legacy

It’s common to hear that people nearing the end of life only care about the relationships they shared, and the things they were able to do to impact others. Even my grandfather, a particularly hard and hurt man, struggled in his last days because he wondered if there’d be a legacy left of his life.Money isn’t what makes a legacy, but how you used it to benefit a cause. Fame doesn't add up to significance, but how you leveraged your platform to positively influence the people you can.I think we are starting to make this discovery earlier in life. More so than ever, we want to leave a mark. We want to say we are part of something. We may not always be great at relationships, compassion, and love. But we can all realize the need to get better and DO something to make a difference.

What cause are you involved with? Why is it so important to you?

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