Favorite Chapter in My Favorite Book - "Go Buy Your Books"

go buy your books

“I used to think i could always get my way, but now i know you have to work hard for the things you really want"(a lil' formatting in honor of the book)

Go Buy Your Books

Bob Goff is remarkable. Yes, he's good at writing and speaking. But mostly he's just great at being a human. He has the coolest job on the planet, and chooses to live his life in a way many people can't understand - an extraordinary way. I don't know Bob, but i want to.In his book Love Does (buy it there or on amazon), he tells a story about when he made the decision to go to law school. He didn't do so hot on his LSAT, but he applied to a bunch of schools anyways. As the acceptance letters rolled in for all the smart kids, Bob got nothing of the sort.About a week before the semester was set to begin, Bob decided he would pay a visit to the dean of his top-choice school. He poured out his heart, telling the dean of his dreams to go to law school and how hard he had worked. He said "i know you have the power to let me in, all you have to do is tell me 'go buy your books!'" The dean wasn't impressed. Even still, Bob wouldn't relent. He sat on a bench outside the dean's office all day for more than a week. The dean mostly ignored him, but every time he passed by, Bob would say "all you have to do is tell me." Several days after classes had already started, the man casually walked over to Bob and said the words that changed his life forever: "go buy your books."What an amazing story.Call this what you want, but i call it big heart and legendary hustle.


The Hustle

When i was growing up, my parents sacrificed so much because they wanted all the best things for me. I am grateful for them. Now I’m out in the great big world where you have to want it for yourself."Go buy your books" challenges me because I'm not sure I’ve ever wanted something as bad as Bob wanted to get into law school. Make no mistake, there are things i have huge heart to do. But now i realize if i want to see those things happen, i might have to give Bob a run for his money on how hard i go after them.

The Help

Now Bob Goff is an adjunct professor at Pepperdine. There are always students there who couldn't get into a particular course or program. He says sometimes he'll find them on campus just to tell them "go buy your books".One of the most valuable things we can do while hustling toward our dreams is help to launch others toward theirs. For this reason, i will be sharing lots of resource that i come across to help you do what you do better. And i might even create my own resources if i think it's beneficial. So stay tuned, and stay after it!What do you believe as much as Bob did about law school? And is there someone you can help launch toward their goal?Feature Image - Rachel

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