My Favorite Advice for Living a Rich Life

We want to live a Rich Life, right? But that becomes difficult when also want to be responsible and plan for the future financially. We tend to error drastically on one side or the other. A successful balance is always the result of a good plan. But how do we decide what is right and wrong along the journey?

Rich Life

The best personal financial advice you can get won’t come from a bank. It also probably won’t come from your grandfather. That’s because, unfortunately, most of society has no idea how money actually works. Which is why they end up broke, in debt, and fearful. I don't want anyone of us in the Heart Meets Hustle community to be associated with this norm, so today i want to get us pointed in the right direction.

I think understanding money boils down to what we value most.

The sole focus of many prior generations was a comfortable and early retirement. While their principles for arriving there were somewhat sound, the tendency was to pinch pennies and continually make exhausting sacrifices. When they couldn’t consistently be as disciplined in real-life as they could when creating their “perfect budget," guilt and defeat set in, putting them back at square one. However, some of them were no doubt successful.When those successful ones offer advice, it seems to be more about retirement planning, calculations, and eliminating risks than it is about living an enjoyable life. But the emerging owners of society (20-30’s) have a different mindset when it comes to being rich. We just think differently. We don’t want to just have a safe retirement. We want to live a life that is adventurous and airborne and risky.We don’t necessarily want to be rich. We want to live a rich life. And there is a big difference.

Some of the best advice I've found.

The reality is:

  • No one likes keeping a budget.
  • No one wants to do without their lattes.
  • No one wants to be told what they CAN’T do with their money. No eating out, no vacation, no shoe shopping.

I think it’s better to decide what we CAN say yes to - like helping our parents with retirement, paying a personal trainer, traveling and experiencing parts of the world most people have never seen. That’s a Rich Life, right?With that in mind, I want to share with you some of the best advice i’ve found when it comes to rich-life living.Ramit Sehti is one of the forward thinkers that i rely on when seeking advice that i can trust. Remit is a Stanford grad who turned down the sexy consulting and banking jobs that all his friends were gobbled up by. He has been a successful entrepreneur, a coach for thousands of individuals, and author of the NYT bestselling book “I Will Teach You to be Rich.” After following him for some time now, my verdict is that the guy’s a genius. The best part is, he gives away 98% of his material for FREE!Instead of focusing on small, impossible cost-cutting, he focuses on how to create the big money-saving wins that matter a lotttt more.He teaches sound principles and disciplines that i’ve implemented into my own financial planning and personal “entrepreneurial training." My favorites include his personal financial automation system, negotiation tips for dealing with banks and vendors, painfully simple investment practices, and easy ways to make more money.If you are interested in this kind of stuff, i would start here….How To Save MoneyPersonal Finance AutomationCredit Card BenefitsEasy Ways to Make MoneyFind Your Dream JobHow to Get More ClientsTell me what you guys think of Ramit's stuff. Comment below and let me know how it's helped you and you will make any changes based on his advice!-Adam

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